15 Jan

Which Loop Band should I buy?

Yesterday I walked into a hardware store. Before me, a boy of about twenty years, dubiously, turned towards the shop owner: “Good morning, what screwdriver do you recommend?”

The salesman, a man in his fifties, first remained silent and then called the police without hesitation.

Obviously this is a fiction; it would be too crazy to be true. Every person with a little common sense knows well that the choice of a screwdriver depends exclusively on the tyoe of screw to tighten.

And each person with a little common sense knows well that it would be better to have  more than one screwdriver at home (maybe a kit) in order to have the right one at disposal for each single eventuality.

Ok… I know you have already figured out what I am getting at and I also know that probably you do not want to read any suggestion of who should sell you something, so feel free to skip directly to the last paragraph to find a quick answer to your question.

But if you have time to spend and prefer to run your brain, go ahead calmly, but assume that my advice is completely disinterested. If you do not consider them as such, friends again… if I were you I would see it maybe just like you.


POINT NUMBER 1 – purchasing a single Loop Band makes no sense


Actually, you can decide to purchase a Loop Band:

  • To perform a full workout;
  • To perform a single exercise.

In the first case it would be wise to have more different resistances because the strongest muscles need more loads to be stimulated, the smallest muscles require lower loads.

You cannot use the same load for arms and legs!

In the second case you can take only one band, but consider that over time you will get stronger and in the future you will surely need a higher load.

In addition, though it may seem paradoxal, to improve a specific exercise or technical movement, performing other complementary exercises is essential.

Example: if your goal is to improve in the pull-ups, you will get more results by exercising the assisted pull-ups and strengthening the muscles involved in this movement (see theback  exercises at this link) rather than performing only the assisted pull-ups.

Finally, remember that by purchasing one of our packages, you spend less than buying the single Loop Bands and shipping is free.


POINT NUMBER 2 – Before bringing up your budget, think carefully about the investment we are talking about.


A month at the gym costs from 30€ to 70€, for 10 months per year the cost goes from 300€ to 700€.

With 86,85€ (including shipping) you can purchase the three Loop Bands in the following picture together with the Utility Strap.




These 3 bands will last from 12 to 36 months (utility strap is everlasting) and they will allow you to perform an amount of exercises 50 times greater than the ones you can do in the most equipped gym in the world.

What is more convenient?


POINT NUMBER 3 – Do not forget that you do NOT have any idea about the enormous potential of the Loop Bands®, specially if you have in mind to use them only for the pull-ups and the towing exercises.


Do not take it out: I don’t want to belittle your training and professional background (if you are a colleague of mine); I am just suggesting to consider more aspects of the workout which are not only the assisted exercises.

Before purchasing, take a couple of minutes to have a look at our videogallery and consider using your Loop Bands for more than one exercise.

I am not telling you to quit with weights (even if many did it) or to quit doing the things that work for you; I am just asking you to come closer to this amazing tool a little bit more open-minded.

…and, if possible, get you a gift: no matter if you are a trainer or a simple fan, attend one of our training seminars.


If you read my advice now you should understand why  it is better to purchase at least 3 single Loop Bands®  or, even better, one of our packages (BEGINNER if you are starting, ADVANCED if you are stronger).

If I did not convince you and you want to buy a single one, decide first what do you need this Loop Band for:


  • Do you need it for the pull-ups?
    Choose the Loop Band taking as a reference this table;






  • Do you need it for towing exercises (by yourself, binding the Loop band to a fixed point)?
    In this case using a single Loop Band is forbidden, you need at least 2 or 3 of the same color + 2 link strap and the Utility Strap or think about buying a  Sprinting Band. For further information about the proper performance of the towing exercises read this article.




Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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