CHEST – Push-ups with Loop Bands®

Preparing exercise
On your knees, pass the band behind your back, holding its ends against your palms. Bring the band under tension straightening your arms in front of you.

NB: at this point the Loop Band should be against your shoulder blades and not against your neck.

Your arms are straight and your torso aligned with your lower limbs; your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulder.

Correct movement
From the starting position bend your arms with a slow and controlled movemnt, touch the floor with the tip of your nose e raise explosively

Your abs are tigh throughout the movement, your look neutral.

Target muscles
Pectoralis major, Triceps, Deltoids.

Recommended repetitions
8/10 x 3 sets

Common mistakes
Not keeping your torso aligned with your lower limbs, assuming a position with your hands too musch (or too little) far apart, hyperextending your cervical spine (looking up).