BACK – One-sided row (standing)

Preparing exercise (lt side)
Bind a Loop Band to the door with the specific Utility Strap, taking care to fix the band about 30 cm away form the floor. Grab the band with your left hand and get in lunge position with your right knee ahead.

Training handles can be used for a more comfortable grip but they are not essential.

Correct movement
Pull the Loop Band to your left hip without “becoming stooped”, your dorsal column must be extended.
Never bend your back leg.

Target muscles
Latissimus dorsi, Pectoralis Major, Triceps Brachial, lower limb muscles (++)

Recommended repetitions
10/12 x 3/4 sets alternating your arms.

Common mistakes
“Standing” during the sets, not properly tensioning the band, bending your back leg knee during the set.