BACK – Classic Lat Machine

Preparing exercise
Bind the Loop Band to the top of the door with the Utility Strap, without making knots.
Pass a stick or a broom handle between the band’s heads and grab the stick, keeping your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
Kneel at one meter away from the door holding the stick (it is recommended to put your knees on a pillow).

Correct movement
Pull the stick toward you with a slow and controlled movement while maintaining your dorsal spine extended: do not become stooped or bend forward.

NB: You must bring the stick to your chest and NEVER behind your neck. The trajectory is not vertical but slightly inclined.

Target Muscles
Latissimus dorsi, Pectoralis major, Triceps brachii.

Recommended repetitions
10/12  x 2/3 sets.

Common mistakes
Pulling the stick too far down, not controlling the eccentric phase of the movement, bending forward with your torso.