ABS – Swiss Ball Crunch

Preparing exercise
Lie down on a Fit Ball grabbing the ends of a small Loop Band against your shoulder (imagine to keep your hands against the straps of a backpack).

In order not to slip forward, you better put your feet against a wall.

A training partner must block the band in the middle against the floor. The orientation of the force line (band’s tilt) is a crucial variable in the exercise success.

Correct movement
Bring your upper torso toward your pelvis by pressing your lower back against the ball. Return to the starting position in a slow and controlled manner.

Target muscles
Rectus Abdominus

Recommended repetitions
10/15 x 2/3 sets

Common mistakes
This exercise is characterized by a very short ROM (range of motion) and must be performed if you master the version without band. We suggest to be assisted by a Loop Band trainer while performing.