30 Nov

Training at home – How to do it


Let’s be honest: gym’s environment is not always great.

In the last years, for courses and consultations, I have visited several facilities throughout Italy. Though some were really excellent to me  for cleaning, training level of staff and “mental healthy” of the members, many seemed anything but adequate to meet the average client’s expectations.  

Dirty rooms (weight room and dressing rooms), deafening music and less than professional staff are the first reasons why, in my opinion, I would never frequent a fitness center.

If we add that often is hard  feeling comfortable in a place where the other people spend their time staring at the mirror or looking you up and down condescending, it is easy to understand why lot of people prefer training at home.


The main advantages of training at home

As a personal trainer, I have some experience with this kind of workout and over the years I have been able to see  that the home training is usually the solution taken by an elite clientele.

Managers, politicians, celebrities and professional athletes because of their job have limited time and are hardly willing to give up the privacy they can have only in their home environment. 

On the other hand, if you train at  home…


    • you can train when you wish;


    • You can train in a place you feel comfortable;


    • You can save time;


    • You can save money.


The last point was clearly not the case of the categories of people I referred to earler, but it should also not be understimate, since (not so long ago) everyone was sure that it was essential to have 10 / 15,000 € to be invested to set up a gym in order to train at home.


And this is not true! But the belief was always the same: ” How can I train (well) without weights, machines and treadmill?”

When I was a beginner, during the first session of  training with a client sometimes I had to literally break my back to move a minimum of equipment and create a kind of home gym.

Over time I have met the Loop Bands® and things have drastically changed.


What do you need to train (well) at home

In the picture below you can see the training bag used by every Loop Band Trainer.




It slips easily under the seat of a scooter, it weighs 3 kg and it contains the following items:





Now you can believe it or not, but with this equipment and with only a few square meters available, a qualified Fit Point Personal Trainer can train any person: from elder with back pain to a professional athlete.

You can buy this equipment by adding the handle of a broom, a mat and a towel and create a real home gym (if necessary also transportable) where you can exercise by yourself. 

“Thanks to the Loop Bands®, you can train at home by yourself too.”

Almost all the videos I have published in the specific section of the website have been shot in the living room of my apartment which, in terms of size, can not be certainly considered as the living room of a royal palace, but it is the only location where I can afford to train at 6 am or at 11 pm, to “risk” some exercises that I would be ashamed to try in public and to train without boring people around.

By training at home, you might discover the pleasure of exercising by saving time and money.

Why don’t you try?



Did you know the Loop Bands®?

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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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