07 Apr

Three exercises with the 64mm superband

In response to Michele, who contacted us via our website to enquire about possible exercises with the larger Loop Bands, today we are going to show you three different exercises that you can try out with the 64mm Superband (and also with the XXL Band)

This Loop Band is the third most resistant band in our collection, with a resistance of over 50 kg, so it is impossible for any mere mortal to carry out the traditional general fitness exercises proposed by us.

In the past we have recommended various complementary exercises with the 64mm Superband for those of you who love to “pump iron”; these exercises consisted of rudimental (but efficient) versions of triceps extensions, rows, flies and bench presses.

Soon we will also deal with body building and muscle hypertrophy, but for now we would like to show you three exercises, ideal training for athletes who practice various sports.


Did you like this video? Do you have suggestions on how to expand or improve the exercises? Or would you simply like to learn to use Loop Bands better? Then why not take part in one of our training meetings!


Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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