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Resistance bands Loop Bands distributed by Fit Point are made of natural latex: be sure not to be allergic to this substance before using them.
Loop Bands are not toys: do not leave them unsupervised with children.
Inspect your bands prior to use; do not use a band if cracked or frayed.
Maximum safe stretch for each band is approximate 100 inches (254 cm) Do not overstretch the bands.
If your exercises require more space, you can link more bands as indicated below.
Always use eye protection.


Follow the instructions explained in the following video. Do not link the bands using a carabiner!


You can link a band to a door, a gate or any other base using the Utility Strap. Be sure to check the stability of the base before starting to exercise. Fit Point is not liable for any damage due to breakage of the choosen base.
Before starting using a band linked to a door, always lock the door!

For any information about the correct use, you can contact us for free at info@fitpoint.it