29 Aug

Safe shoulders

If you are trying one of my self-treatments for the first time, please read carefully this page before performing the exercises.


Today’s routine is composed by a mobilisation (more exactly, in this case, “decoaptation”) of the shoulder preceded by a self-massage phase.


Deltoid massage

The first work you should do is to massage your shoulder with a self-massage ball. This exercise is only a starting point, often in case of shoulder problems is necessary to treat other points far from the suffering point (for example, near the infraspinatus muscle or close to other shoulder’s muscles).

If you are a beginner start (very gently) from the deltoid to explore then more distant areas, it may seem impossible but over time you will be able to find other sensitive points by yourself.

In order to properly massage your right shoulder, stand next to a wall by leaning toward the wall; your feet are facing each other and your left hand is on the wall to control your movements and so modulate the intensity of the massage.

Do not exceed the pressure: in a hypothetical scaleof perceived pain ranging from 0 to 10, stay on the 6.

Continue just enough to soften the tissues (2/3 ‘)



Shoulder mobility

Once the massage ends, grab a  Loop Band 29 mm (a Loop Band 21mm is better for women) connected at the height of your face or a little bit higher.

(If you do not yet know how to connect the band to the door I recommend you to  read this very short article).

In the photo 1 you can see the proper grip.



PHOTO 1 – The proper grip


After that, step away in order to bring the band under tension and enjoy “stretching” your shoulder muscles by testing several movements; try to rotate your arm, to lean forward or turn on yourself in order to lengthen the rear part of the shoulder.

Breathe in a relaxed way and move flowing; if you work well, at the end of the routine your arm may seem lighter.

Always move slowly: I had to slightly accelerate in the video for scenic need, so if I seem slow, remember that you have to be slower.



In the following video (posted on Youtube in the far 2011) some possible variant.



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