29 Aug

Saving-elbow routine

If you are trying one of my self-treatments for the first time, please read carefully this page before performing the exercises.


Epicondylitis or epitrochleitis are well known diseases to tennis players or those who train bodyweight (bar and parallels), but can also occur to those who daily do very heavy job.

Essentially they are inflammations that affect the muscles / tendons inserted near the elbow so it is often necessary to stop the exercise.

You may have good results in preventive perspective and sometimes even therapeutic   with this combination of exercises.


Elbow self-massage

You can carry out this exercise with our self-massage ball.

Alternating lateral movements with flexed arm (bent) or with straight arm, try to soften the areas nearby the elbow that you feel more rigid, even if they do not hurt.

2/3′ without exceeding intensity will be enough.



Trapped elbow

On all four, wrap your elbow in the band as showed in the video, then bend your arm against the band resistance in a very controlled way
loop band 13mm or a loop band 21 mm are OK.

The mistake you do not have to make is to straighten violently your elbow without controlling the extension phase: in this case you might also make it worse, so if you do not feel sure, start with a smaller band.

After this first movement, that you have to repeat 8/10 times, you can include a lateral mobilization with your arm straight for 5/6 times.

NB. in the video you do not notice, but, also in this second variant, remember to push with your elbow without allowing the band to overstretch it

If you have questions regarding the performance, please contact a Loop Band Trainer near you.




Did you like these exercises?

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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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