19 Aug

Loop Bridge

I have heard so many times women complaining with expressions like “Andrea, my Romanian friend’s a..s is awesome even if she stuff herself on chocolate. Is it because she takes Crossfit classes?”

Probably you have dealt with such doubts too, so I have a say in this.


These Romanian friends…

Your Romanian friend is so lucky: she was born with a nice bottom and most likely it is not because of Crossfit.
“So are you telling me that Crossfit should be avoided?” Of course not! Crossfit should be avoided if performed wrong but this is another story… I am just saying that Crossfit is not magic.

Sometimes nature is pretty cruel so as not to offer the same privileges to everyone; therefore, if you was not born with a smoking hot bottom, do not look for miracle cures and do not blame Romanian or Argentinean girls, even because you can get some changes. Perhaps more than you expect!



The Loop Bridge by itself cannot magically sculpt your glutes: an healthy diet and a proper workout should not be left out. 

A well-set up general training should include a basic exercise for lower limbs and since there are a lot with Loop Bands too (effective as a squat or a deadlift), I recommend you a training session with a qualified Loop Band Trainer who guides you.

The movement I will show you today is an assistance exercise, that is a specific exercise which should be combined with a more general exercise (basic).


The story

I have been performing the Loop Bridge since 2008, when I literally had enough of pressing on my lower abs with a dumbbell or straining to hold a barbell which (guess why) continued to roll against my face.

A/N: if you too have tried to perform a bridge with weights, you know what I am talking about; if you have not, that’s ok: learn the version with the band and you would not lose anything. 

We were talking about 2008… at the time the trainers who saw me doing this exercise were laughing; today I see the same trainers proposing it to their clients. Here too is okay. Of course, it would be better to teach the exercise properly.


Preparing exercise

Place a small Loop Band (LB13mm o LB21mm) against your thighs enveloping their ends around your heels. Your toes are raised and will remain raised throughout the exercise.

At the beginning you feel a strange lateral pull, so pull the band in order to balance the force, then bring the center of the band against your pelvis (more or less where you wear the belt).


The correct movement

Lying on the floor, grab a Loop Band with both your hands and perform a bridge raising your pelvis upwards.

In the Loop Bridge, as I understand it, the main detail is to pull the band toward the floor while raising the pelvis; in this way you activate the Latissimus Dorsi and it will provide an additional resistance which will challange your glutes.



Recommended parameters

Sets and repetitions of this exercise to be performed may vary according to several factors (as always). Therefore a set of 6 repetitions with the proper pace may be more challanging than a set of 12 performed wi/th the same band.

If you are a beginner 3 sets of  8/10 reps with a  small Loop Band are enough as long as your program includes a basic exercise for lower limbs (Squat, lunges, deadlifts…running itself).

A trick I recommend to my advanced clients is to vary the pace of the exercise during the same set: for example, try to perform 10 repetitions by alternating 2 really slow and 2 a little bit faster and then rest 1 minute and repeat for the desired number of sets.

(Pay attention to be precise by counting the seconds that you set throughout the set.Attenzione ad essere precisa nel contare i secondi che ti sei prefissata durante tutta la serie)

Later on we will see some variants. 


Did you like this exercise?

Would you have ever said that a simple Loop Band may be more effective than a dumbbell? If you want to discover the thousands of  uses permitted by this tool, subscribe to one of our specialisation courses for personal trainer and enthusiasts.





Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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