Loop Bands®


1Dear friend, welcome!

My name is Andrea Boaretto and I am an italian personal trainer and conditioning coach; from all these years of working with fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, as well as people suffering from backache, I have learnt three very important things:


Big tickWhichever capacity you want to improve, safe and productive training can be accomplished WITHOUT expensive machines.

No matter if you are a pro athlete or a beginner suffering of back pain.


Big tickInjuries and physical problems often result from a lack of flexibility.

Classic stretching exercises will NOT be enough to restore a proper mobility, improve our posture and increase our body’s efficiency.


Big tickPower, quickness and the ability to accelerate are crucial qualities in many sports.

Although these qualities are often “innate”, they can be improved (greatly) through training.


I know… I am probably telling you the exact opposite of what you have always been told. But I genuinely believe that you, just like myself and thousands of others, will realize just how simple, convenient and fun effective training can be.

All this thanks to the new and exclusive: Loop Bands® by Fit Point.


Don’t you know what a Loop Band is?

Take a look at this short video! (then continue reading this page)



As you can see our Loop Bands® are much more than simple elastic bands:


Big tick they can be fastened anywhere thanks to their loop formation  >>>>  YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRAIN WHENEVER YOU WANT AND WHEREVER YOU WANT!


Big ticktheir versatility allows for an infinite range of applications >>>> YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TRAIN  ANY QUALITY (STRENGHT, FLEXIBILITY, QUICKNESS)


Big ticktheir incredible resistance means you can productively work out every muscle in your body  >>>> YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS WITHOUT ATTENDING A GYM AND WITHOUT DESTROYING YOUR JOINTS WITH WEIGHTS.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a trainer, a professional athlete, a regular gym-goer or you simply want to improve your posture: Loop Bands® can definitively fulfill your requirements.


“Great Andrea…at this point what am I supposed to do in order to know more about this training tool?”


Basically 2 things, maybe 3:

-If you like  VIDEOS visit this video section to discover how many exercises you can do with it

-If you like to read take a look at my BLOG and FAQ page.


Let me tell you that this research material is totally free and you won’t need to pay or give me you e.mail to consult it.

Obiouvsly every now and then I write a newsletter and if you like you can subscribe  (just fill the form in the bottom of the page) but my main goal IS NOT the one to “steal” your e.mail address in order to send you marketing messages..

I have another goal actually…

…the same goal I have since 2002, when I started my personal trainer job: helping people to reach their better shape ever.


-Differently, if on the  you already know Loop Bands® by Fit Point and you simply want to buy them, I apologize for stealing your time and invite you to visit our SHOP page to place an order and receive our incredible bands.


At this point I’ve told you everything so…what are you waiting for? Get in the loop!


Personal Trainer
Founder of Fit Point – Italy