31 Mar

Loop Bands and low tech equipment

Any good personal trainer will understand the importance of knowing how to improvise with the equipment available: considering you will not always be working from the gym and have expensive equipment at hand, it is necessary to be able to adapt to any situation.

We have seen how Loop Bands offer you a complete workout wherever you may be; today I’d like to show you four simple exercises that you can carry out with the smaller Loop Bands and a homemade support (composed of a 2 meter long stick and a T-shape tube).

stick-loopbandsBoth the stick and the tube can be easily and cheaply bought in any gardening or DIY store.

The Loop Bands used are the Microband 6mm and the LB 13mm, available, of course, online from our website.

Here is a brief description of the exercises. (NB: I made up the names of the first two exercises myself)


This exercise is great for the latissimus dorsi and the pectoralis major muscles and their synergy. I prefer this to the version with weights for various reasons: less stress on the shoulder joints, less stress on the cervical spine, and most importantly, it is done standing up.


In this exercise the arm is extended whilst leaning slightly forward. The Loop Band and the stick appear to form a triangle (hence the name of the exercise). This is useful for coordinating upper and lower limb movement. The stick, unlike in the video, can be held up with just one hand.


This exercise, which should always be carried out with minimal resistance, stimulates the biceps and recovers its oft forgotten role as shoulder flexor.


A Loop Band variant of the classic gym machine; remember, in this exercise the stick is always pulled to the chest, and not to the nape.

Here’s the video:

Naturally, all these exercises can be carried out with larger Loop Bands, offering a productive work out for the more advanced athlete as well.

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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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