30 Aug

Knee routine 1

If you are trying one of my self-treatments for the first time, please read carefully this page before performing the exercises.


To remove knee joint tension is possible to work on several fronts; today’s article explains a self-massage of the fasciae latae combined with a mobilization.

All this may not be enough then take a look also to the mobilization of the ankles and the work on the hamstrings.


Quadricep femoral and fasciae latae massage

The first thing you should do is to massage your thigh with the massage stick.  Place your foot on a chair and start sliding the stick against your quadricep for few minutes; when done with your quadicep, switch to the side of your thigh.

It is a really pleasant work, and in my experience it is easier and more effective than any other stretching on the faciae latae.



Finally massage your tibial muscles.



You need to pay attention not to exceed the force, but over time (paradoxical as it may seem), you will learn to appreciate  that kind of “pain” coming from the stick pressure.


Trapped knee

Once the self-massage is over, you need to do a mobilization facilitated by the Loop Band. More exactly, in the case of the first exercise, you will have to do an eccentric work: your quads straighten against the band resistance while your knee flexors (hamstrings muscles) modulate their action.

Bind a Loop Band to the door at the height of your knee (not lower) and put the chair around 2/3 meters away from the connection point. Place the two band’s ends just below and just above your kneecap; step away and bend laying on the chair, by keeping your “bandy” knee ahead. The pressure on the knee should be pleasant and give a sense of stability to the joint.

At this point bend your knee forward by keeping the other leg stretched and, at the end, return to the starting position controlling the movement as much as you can. During the exercise, do not raise your heel and try not to involve too much your upper body.



After 8/10 reps of this exercise, try also to mobilize your knee sideways for 20/30″. Here too do not raise your sole from the floor.



A work idea may be the following:

  1. Self-massage  – 3 minutes fpr each area;
  2. Trapped knee (flexion-extension + lateral mobilization) – 10 + 6 reps
  3. Trapped knee (flexion-extension + lateral mobilization) – 6 + 4 reps increasing the intensity and slowering the movement.

As always, I remember that these exercises can be safely be performed for preventive purposes, while in the case of serious problems in the joint you need the advise of a specialist. In order to familiarize with these exercises I recommend you, in any case, to contact a qualified Loop band Trainer.


Did you like these exercises?

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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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