31 Aug

How to train abs with Loop Bands® – PLANK

The plank is a very good exercise to improve the strength of the core section. If you have never tried its performance it may seem easy, but I recommend you to do the exercise with great precision.

Of course there are several versions of the plank, and I do not want to introduce mine as the best ever (any gymnast would make a thousand comments about it) but the version that I will show you today is certainly a good starting point to learn more advanced variants / specifications.

To start, I always suggest my clients the Plank with no Loop Band resting on their forearms, then I teach the exercise with straight arms with a Loop Band behind the upper back. For this reason, if you are a beginner, try to perform the exercise without Loop Band.


Plank with Loop Band – static version


To fix the band properly you need to keep its ends against the palms of your hands (not against your fingers) and bring it under tension by passing it behind your shoulder blades.

The band, as we see below, can also be placed against the lower back, but I prefer you to start with the first version, so as learning this set up will be essential to perform push-ups with overload, exercise that we are going to see in the next article .

The plank means essentially holding  the position I am showing in the video for a set time (start with sets of 30 “/ 1 ‘) by avoiding to  get close to the floor with your hips. In order to succeed, you need to keep your abdominals well tense.




Once learned the static version of the exercise, you can try to make it more challenging by bending your knees and returning to the starting point (Plank with Loop Band – dynamic version) or involving your lower limbs alternately (Mountain climber).


Plank with Loop Band – dynamic version



Mountain Climber



These 3 exercises, once individually learned, can be also performed in a circuit:

  • Mountain Climber – 20 reps alternated
  • Plank with Loop Band (dynamic version) – 10 reps
  • Plank with Loop Band (static version) – 30″

As usual, this short article is only a brief presentation of the exercise, whose more technical details should be seen with a qualified Loop Band Trainer.

If you are going to perform it by yourself, please pay close attention not to bend your arms, not to extend your head (looking up) and, in the static version, to keep your legs outstretched.


Did you like these exercises?
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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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