13 Sep

How boring the back pain!

If this is the first time you try one of my self-treatments, please read this page carefully before performing the exercises.


Throughout my career as a personal trainer I met professionals from several fields (plumbers, electriciand, bank employees, but also sportsmen and even colleagues of mine) who  have suffered for years from back pain and, despite dozens of tests run and thousands of Euros spent, not only they have never solved their problem but they could not even figure out what the problem was, as often none of these tests gave positive results.

“According to the examination I have nothing… but my back hurts!”

How many times I have heard this phrase and how many times I have cursed the (wrong) habits of my clients of swallowing anti-infiammotories like there is no tomorrow.

Of course..there is nothing worse than feeling yourself restricted and slowed in our daily activities by mysterious enemy that we are not even able to name, but the solution can not be any drug according to the media!

So hateful those TV advertisements that want make you believe that 10 seconds spent spreading some ointment may be enough to get us back agile and speedy.

So hateful the attitude of some doctors who do not advise their patients to do a minimum of physical activity in cases like these.

So hateful the laziness of the same patients who refuse to dedicate 10′  a day to take care of their body.

Well..because 10 minutes a day can surely make the difference!

Here follows one of the routines that I suggest to my clients with back pain. I chose to show you this one because I think it is simple to be prformed, extremely effective and, regarding its duration you can use your judgement…

The routine is divided in two phases:


FIRST PHASE – Lumbar self-massage with EVA Ball

Place the EVA Ball against your lower back and, lying down, raise your pelvis slightly, in order to move the ball against the lumbosacral column.

Pay attention to not position EVA Ball too high.



Photo 1 – Wrong positioning



Photo 2 – Correct positioning


Even if you feel the rigidity a little bit higher, I suggest you to massage in the area indicated in the photo 2.

Once positioned the EVA Ball, wide your feet and, keeping them firmly against the floor, move yourself sideways by pushing your lower back against the ball. You can also massage the higher part of your glutes if you lie down a bit more on your side.

Fromi 3 to 5′ work should be enough to “melt” your contractures.



SECOND PHASE – Mohammedan prayer with Loop Band

After the self-massage bind a  Loop Band 45 mm or a Superband 64mm to a door (if you do not know how to do, I recommend you to see this short article).

Bind the Loop so that, in the position of the photo 3, the band is “in line” with your back.



Photo 3 – Starting position


Step away so you feel a tension and then relax your column with some unbalance forward / backward and sideways.

It may be a good idea to rest your glutes against your heels by approaching the knees to your chest (the band must always be under tension).

In this case 2 ‘of mobilization combined with a relaxed breathing may be sufficient.




You can repeat this routine when you  wake up every morning, before breakfast, or as an “unload” at the end of your workout. As you can see, this is not to spend hours of your time or an expensive cost.

It is all up to your perseverance and your ability to replace a bad daily habit (cappuccino and croissant, cigarette break, aperitif …) with a good daily habit and, in case you need further stimulus, contact a qualified Loop Band Fit Point trainer: our staff will guide you to the best in your path.

Good workout!


Did you like these exercises?
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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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