Most frequent questions about Loop Bands® – Andrea Boaretto


What are Loop Bands®? What does it mean “get in the loop”?

The Loop Bands® are very flexible and resistant elastic bands in latex, ring-closed (the English word “loop” means “circle, ring”)

The expression “Get in the loop” as well as an invitation to physically enter into the band, it also means to me “enter the game”, “enter the viciuos circle”. This is because, since I have been using the Loop Bands® (2008) I can not get enough.

What separates them from other bands?

Their ring-closing a quick and easy connection, which can be carried out anywhere (you do not need to knot the band or to apply handles), and their resistance allows to perform exercises after which any other band would break.

Are the Loop Bands® sold from Fit Point the same as the others on the market?

No. The material of our bands is high quality without chemical additives which could be harmful to the skin or other organs. Furthermore, to produce our Loop Bands® we use a unique method (patented) defined Layering Process: it consists in winding a long strip of very thin latex on itself several times In this way the layered band with the wear tends to “peel” gradually rather than snapping suddenly.
Because of these features, our Loop Bands® differ from the other ring-closing bands available on the market, that are much less elastic and much more dangerous.

I found similar bands on another website, but with a lower price…

Unfortunately there are very few companies selling good products and it is always better to check carefully what you are going to purchase. do not compare other bands to ours only on the basis of color, but read carefully the size and find out the material used (synthetic rubber costs less but does not guarantee the same performance of natural latex).
Many companies claim to sell layered latex bands but actually it comes to bands made with chemical concoctions of dubious origin … .my advice is to beware of imitations and do not endanger your health just to save a few money. The quality costs necessarily something more but in the end it is worth it!

You mentioned that you can have a safe and productive workout without any gym machine equipment… is it true?

It is really tue…in the video section you can find exercises that can be performed in a few square meters without any type of equipment. I follow the customers who travel frequently for business and, using only two Loop Bands® and the Utility Strap, they are able to perform some real workout in their hotel room, staying in their top shape.

Can I increase muscle mass with the Loop Bands® ?

The Loop Bands® can be a great tool for improving muscle mass. More information in this article of our blog blog.

What Loop Band should I purchase?

How many Loop Bands® should I purchase?

Obviously this depends on your specific requirements… the various packages we offer represent advantageous solutions for a wide range of users, from beginners to professional personal trainers.
If you intend to use the Loop Bands for sprint exercises or similar, you should buy at least two (preferably three) of the same color to connect together or a Sprinting Band.

Which Loop Band should I choose to help me in the bar pull-ups?

It depends on your strength level and your height. Check this page for further information.

Which bands should I choose for dynamic exercises (sprint or jumps)?

It hangs on your anthropometric characteristics and your level of strength.
To prevent damage to the bands, the most important thing is to perform these exercises with at least three rubber bands linked together.
Never do the sprint exercises with one Loop Band attached to a fixed point unless it is a Sprinting Band!

How often do they need to be changed?

The Loop Bands® have a pretty long life. Unlike the ordinary bands, they can last for years without ever break. If you use the Loop Bands® for more dynamic exercises (spints, jumps, slidings), assume a shorter life.

What are the tips to make them last longer?

If you use the Loop Bands® for mobility exercises or general fitness, be careful not to expose them to heat sources and not to “rub” them between the soles of your shoes and the floor; when you link them to a fixed point, unless it is a smooth and non-rusty surface, always use the utility strap.
If you use them to perform sprint exercises, follow carefully the instructions at this page.

I used a Loop Band and I felt an irritation around my nose. Why?

Most likely because the Loop Band (although you just bought it) needs to be cleaned. In Latex processing is used a small amount of sulfur which, in particular environmental conditions, can evaporate and cause a slight irritation (harmless and temporary).
If it happens you just wipe your face with cool water and, in order to not happen again, wash the band as shown in this video. Remember however, that, before using the Loop Bands®, it is appropriate to exclude a possible allergy to latex.

Can the Loop Bands® be used in the water?

Yes, even if at the end of your workout is essential to wash them with cold water, In addition, since the Loop Bands fear the excessive moisture, it is better not to keep them stored in places with a pool.

Can the Loop Bands workout be considered as “functional”?

It is my opinion that the training should be “functional” by definition, otherwise it would not be a workout, but a loss of time.
That said, if for functional we mean putting our body in conditions to make easier all our daily tasks, then the Loop Bands® are the most functional. Seeing is believing!