29 Aug

Disclaimer to be read before trying self-treatments

In all the articles of the self-treatment section I show exercises which require to be performed with extreme care.

These are exercises that work really good to prevent injuries or alleviate small disorders due to inactivity. In the case of more serious problems, things get complicated: in certain cases these exercises might be helpful, but in other cases they may have contra-indications.

I can not (and do not want) claim to understand through an exchange of mail or a facebook chat if your problem requires a doctor’s opinion or a physical therapist, so it is worthless wiritng me the list of your symptoms or ask me if you can perform or not a specific exercise. I will not answer.

This work can not be done on-line, as you can not understand online where is the cause of your problem …

In the case of shoulder pain, for example, it may be useless to “treat” directly the shoulder; your trusted physical therapist could check if your scapula moves properly, if the cervical column has no problems or consider other factors that goes out of my responsibility.

I am not a doctor and I am not (physically) there with you then, although many of my colleagues it may seem a simplistic approach, I do not make diagnosis and I simply propose ideas to move the shoulder. It is your common sense to understand whether to accept or not the risk that you might encounter.

When in doubt, always listen to your doctor’s opinion and make an appointment with a qualified Loop Band Trainer to consider with him to include one of my routine in your exercise program.

Good workout!



Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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