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Before contacting us, please read this very important information: it is about 5 basic points we would like to anticipate only in your interest, so that YOU can avoid wasting time.


Big tick Andrea Boaretto and his collaborators DO NOT offer online advice of any kind.

For this reason, if you need a workout table, you should make an appointment with a Loop Band Trainer.


Big tick We remind you  that in our blog and in our videos page there are several free quality resources we recommend you to check before writing.

Do not send email to ask what band you should buy without having read the article at this link and the FAQ page.


Big tick If you are a personal trainer or a professional working in sports world, we recommend you to attend the first-level course before applying for more customized (and expensive) consultancy services.

The first-level course is the most suitable and cheapest solution!

If you have no way of attending the first-level course or you want a more personalized training we can offer a private consulting service. However, we inform you that this service has a minimum cost of 600 € + travelling expenses, plus any additional costs for entering our network.

If your budget does not allow you to face this kind of investment, we are unfortunately not able to help.


Big tick In 2013 Andrea Boaretto stopped working as a full-time personal trainer and since then he has been following only 3 customers a year: currently he is not physically able to follow other clients.

If you want to train with Loop Bands® and you look for a professional who follows you, check on this page.

All our Loop Band Trainers followed a process of very specific education, they are all specialized in a particular training area and can certainly meet your needs.


Big tick The prices of the items we sell are NOT negotiable.

Our packages provide very specific discounts that we can not change.

If you are the owner of a store and you would like to sell our original products, we can offer you more advantageous discounts but, for these discounts, there is a minimum quantity of 30 pieces (for each band chosen).


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