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Arm fat is a problem concerning a lot of women. If you are one of these too, I would like to give you some good news and some bad news.

Bad news: no magic exercise will allow you to lose weight behind your arms (or in any specific part of your body).

I was not my choice. Simply,  Mother Nature has wisely drawn a “map” of adypocites (fat cells), different from subject to subject, depending pricipally on genre. Thus women will have more problems about hips and arms, while men will tend to gain weight mostly on their abdomen; it is a matter of hormones. Stop.

What we should not forget is that, when we lose weight, we can reduce the dimension (and not the amount) of the adypocites; then if you have more fat cells behind your arms, you can simply…. come to terms with them! Even because a possible weight loss will always  involve all the adypocites in your body, not only those  which bother you most.

Good news: the problem is anything but unsolvable, actually…

…a healthy eating plan combined with a moderate physical exercise (general) are enough to see good results. And if you do  not see any results yet is not because you are training your arms wrong: there are some more general and wider reasons.

If you want a specific exercise for your triceps brachial (it is the name of the muscle behind our arm), follow my directions:

bind a yellow Loop Band (better an orange microband if you are a beginner) above your head and grab it with your right hand.

Pay attention not to perform this exercise with the band connected too far from your head. In such exercises the railing of a staircase leading upstairs may be an ideal point of connection.

First, you need to learn two different movements:


Elbow’s extension

Triceps has the well-known function to extend the elbow: when you straight your arms against resistance, this muscle is working. Think about all the sets of extensions at the pulley you did at the gym.



Elbow’s extension – starting position



Elbow’s extension – final position


Shoulder’s extension

Triceps has an additional function, probably less known, which is to extend the shoulder. When you move your arm backwards against resistance, the triceps is working.

To better understand this concept, try to do this movementby taking care to block the Loop Band with the opposite hand (if you do not pay attention, you may work against a resistance not well oriented and this function will not be stimulated properly).



Shoulder’s extension – Starting position



Shoulder’s extension – Final position


Obviously, it would not be physiological to train a muscle by reproducing its funcion apart, therefore we should learn to perform the full exercise: in the video below you can note the arched trajectory giving harmony to the whole movement.



The single arm triceps’ extensions of which we saw a basic version today, are a very challenging exercise that is a great complementary exercise (althought is hard to believe) even for top athletes.

Do not you still believe? Try it!


Did you like this exercise?  
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Articolo di Andrea Boaretto – fondatore di Fit Point



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